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The new and delicious 100% protein VEGAN PROTEIN is carefully made from ingredients extracted from plants, so they are ideal for those who follow a vegan lifestyle.

When we decide to follow a vegan diet, one of our main questions is to know where to find the complete proteins. We are used to hearing that it is the meats, dairy and eggs that have a greater amount of this basic nutrient for the organism and, although it is true, it is also possible to have a healthy and balanced diet with complete proteins eating only foods of vegetable origin.

Proteins are composed of amino acids. Within these amino acids must be noted the so-called essential amino acids. These are characterized by being the ones that the human body is not capable of generating by itself, for that reason it is necessary to integrate them through the diet. 100% VEGAN PROTEIN contains essential amino acids and BCAA that allow different types of absorption supporting the body in post-exercise muscle recovery. It also contributes 124 calories and 28g of protein per serving, it is free lactose and cholesterol, being very low in fat and sodium. Contains only 1g of net carbohydrate and 1g of sugar. It is sweetened with stevia and provides the best protein for easy digestion and absorption. It is pesticide free and does not contain GMO raw materials in its ingredients. 100% VEGAN PROTEIN contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals that improve metabolism and help in the production of muscle glycogen for energy. It is perfect to take it in your pre-workouts, between meals or post-workouts. Some vitamins fundamental for the functioning of our body are totally absent in Vegan Diets. A clear example is Vitamin B12 that is only found in animals and derivatives. That's why all NATIVE SERIES products contain the highest content of all B-complex vitamins

The benefits that 100% VEGAN PROTEIN gives us are:

· Contains less fat and does not provide cholesterol.
· It is satiating without providing excess calories.
· It is rich in fiber, which helps in intestinal transit.
· Provides a large amount of minerals and vitamins.
· It is rich in antioxidants.
· It is easier to digest.

In each delicious serving you can find 28g of protein, 7.4g of branched amino acids, 12mcg of vitamin B12, complete vitamin B complex, 6g of glutamine and glutamic acid.