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Since the beginning of time in humanity, meat has been our main source of proteins and amino acids. Due to this contribution of proteins is that we have evolved physically and mentally until our present time, which would have been impossible to achieve by keeping only with plant foods.

The proteins are not only fundamental for the development of the musculature, they are also very important in the neuronal processes that allow concentration and learning.

Consuming beef directly to obtain all these proteins is a very good option, but the reality is that every time meat is consumed, a large amount of cholesterol and saturated fats are also being consumed which are extremely harmful.

28g of protein, 7.7g of branched amino acids, 6.6g of glutamine and glutamic acid, 0 carbohydrates and 0 fat in the most delicious scoop.

PREDATOR is the perfect protein shake for all athletes who want to quickly increase their muscles, as it helps to boost muscle development, improve physical performance and reduce muscle fatigue. All the amino acids of beef with the rapid absorption of whey protein.

Another advantage of PREDATOR is that it is totally free of gluten and lactose, so it can be a suitable source of protein for people with food intolerance.