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The low carb seems not to disappear, many fall enchanted in their jaws. And if you already realized that a diet low in carbohydrates may be for you now it’s your turn to take these details into account so that you do not make mistakes. The list is from Very WellFit and it has everything so take note:

I removed the processed and …

If life were so easy, tell me. A low carb diet is not taking away the donuts and cookies and you’re done. Indeed if everything processed and ultra sugar is part of your day to day, when you remove them you will see improvements in various aspects of your body. But a low-carbohydrate diet is not “getting rid of the processed.” It requires a little more calculation and planning.

Eat very little carbohydrates

Ok, you will say “but that’s the idea, right?” What happens is that low in carbohydrates does not mean NO carbs. Of course, there are ketogenic diets where they are restricted to the maximum but still consume something, because vegetables are also carbohydrates. And depending on how many grams of this macronutrient you establish in your diet, you can consume fruits as well. The key is to know HOW MUCH of each macro you are going to eat.

Eat too much of the “allowed”

And this is the classic error of eye percent diets. Let’s say that they allow you more protein and fat then you want to bathe in whey protein, peanut butter and cheese (not together, I hope because it must taste terrible). Again, what is above, the ideal is to have your calculation or the actual guide of what you should eat.

Being afraid of fats

There is the one who swears that his diet is two leaves of lettuce (which for them has many carbohydrates) and a lot of chicken breast, or countless omelettes of pure egg white. #Lohevistotodo and look at that is like with love, hungry does not last. Fats in addition to fulfilling a lot of biological functions in your body, are not only to stick on your hips but they will help you with the feeling of fullness.

Forget fiber

As I said at the beginning, “low carb” does not mean without carbohydrates and the best way to get this micronutrient – fiber – is with vegetables and fruits. She, in addition to also helping you regulate blood sugar, gives you a hand with the number 2 (go to the bathroom for the non-connoisseur).

Lack of planning

If you are going to make a diet of these, what I recommend first is that you know well what you are going to eat and I swear you have to plan. You have to clean your pantry and fridge and fill them with the meals you can consume. In any feeding plan you have to do this, do not fall for it, but the more limited your menu is, the more planning you have to have. Here there is no such thing as “well, today I will eat this snack because there is nothing else” because that’s the way things do not work.

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